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Entered Shelter: 10-6-2021

At only 4 months old Tiny arrived at our shelter in rough shape. Her previous home was unable to provide her with urgent medical care after she suffered a severe bite wound that became infected and painfully swollen. ⁣⁣Tiny was rushed to one of our veterinary partners for immediate care to clear out the infection. Tiny needed to be sedated and have the infection drained. During the healing process the drains would need to be left in while she was on medication, so the swelling did not happen again. 










Update 10-13-2021: Tiny Healing in Foster

Tiny is in a loving foster home to monitor her healing. She needs daily wound cleaning and medication. She will continue to have follow up appointments with our veterinary partner until she is ready to find a loving furever home!








Update 11-13-2021: Tiny’s Time to Shine – Adopted!

Tiny made a wonderful recovery and has now found a loving home with a new doggie sibling!