Donate safely and securely to support Nevada SPCA’s lifesaving efforts
Nevada SPCA is the third largest shelter for pet adoptions in the state, and it depends on donations to do its lifesaving work. Donations can be made safely and securely by using the “donate” buttons on the shelter’s website at or its Facebook page at
Since the trustee Humane Network was named in April to oversee the organization’s operations, it has had control of donations made by checks via mail, in person, and through online platforms. Policies and procedures have been implemented to ensure all donations are properly tracked and utilized.
Email accounts with the domain name have been and remain under the control of Nevada SPCA and Humane Network. However, Nevada SPCA is seeking to regain control over an AOL email address historically used by Nevada SPCA executive directors dating back years.
If you have any questions or wish to contact Nevada SPCA via email, you may reach out to the trustee at or to current Nevada SPCA staff at
Nevada SPCA plays a vital role in Las Vegas, taking in hundreds of homeless dogs, cats and small mammals each year, providing them care and finding loving homes. In the past two months, Nevada SPCA has adopted out more than 250 dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs. Learn how you can join our lifesaving efforts at
You can download the full press release document here.