Another virus has arrived in Las Vegas.
A fatal rabbit disease known as Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus Serotype 2 or RHDV2 has made its way into the Las Vegas Valley. Although it does not impact human health, RHDV2 is highly contagious and affects both domestic and wild rabbits.
Signs of RHDV2 are almost non-existent and result in sudden death by internal bleeding. Infected rabbits may also develop a fever, become reluctant to eat or show respiratory or nervous signs. The virus is spread through direct contact or exposure to an infected rabbit’s excretions or blood and can also survive and spread from carcasses, food, water, and contaminated materials. Humans can spread the virus indirectly by carrying it on clothing and shoes, as well as dogs and other pets tracking the virus indoors. Additionally, the virus is very resistant to extreme temperatures and can live on surfaces for 200 days.