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  • Sundays

In-Kind Donations

You can help us with our life-saving mission by donating essential items

Shelter Items

Donations that help with animal care

  • Towels & Blankets
  • Bleach
  • Dish Soap
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Pill Pockets
  • Kongs
  • Cat Toys/Scratchers
  • Newspaper
  • Timothy Hay
  • Small Animal Bedding
  • Dog/Cat beds

Pet Pantry Items

Donations that help support families in need

  • Dog Kibble
  • Canned Dog Food
  • Cat Kibble: Most Needed
  • Canned Cat Food
  • Kitten Food
  • Puppy Food
  • Cat Litter

Foster Items

Donations that help our foster program

  • Travel Carriers
  • Kitten Formula
  • Kitten Food
  • Warming Disks or Heating Pads
  • Kitten/Puppy Bottles
  • Miracle Nipples

Chewy Wishlist

1.Visit Our Chewy.com Wishlist

2.Click “Shop Our WishList”

3.Search and purchase one or more items.

4. Items will be delivered to the shelter.

Amazon Wishlist

1.Visit Nevada SPCA’s Amazon Wishlist
2.Select one or more items from the wishlist.
3.Add to cart.
4.Choose “Nevada SPCA's Gift Registry Address” from “Other Addresses” list.

5.Click “Use This Address” and checkout.

Donate a car to the Nevada SPCA and help support our mission. Make a difference today!