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Veterinary Assistance Programs

Please call these clinics below to inquire about pricing and appointments.

Nevada SPCA does not have its own spay/neuter clinic.

Nevada SPCA Pet Medical Support

Nevada SPCA Community Support Program is a grant supported program to help keep pets with their families. If you are experiencing financial hardship and your pet requires medical care you may be eligible for medical assistance for your pet. 


  • Vet Records
  • Pet is friendly and can be handled by veterinary staff
  •  The program is not able to cover critical or emergency care: spinal problems, ongoing diagnosis such as IVDD, diabetes, kidney disease, chronic allergies or any treatment requiring hospitalization.
Please contact a veterinarian or emergency vet hospital immediately if your pet displays urgent symptoms such as:
Bloated, swollen or painful abdomen
Difficulty breathing, extreme coughing or choking
Staggering or stumbling
Uncontrolled bleeding
Repeated vomiting
Inability or straining to urinate (especially in male cats)
Lameness or inability to walk