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Come Volunteer With Us

Sign-up for a Volunteer Orientation below!


Why volunteer?

  • Support our shelter staff’s work to save animals.

  • Meet like-minded animal lovers.

  • Find Happiness through the rewarding work of animal rescue.

  • Make an impact in the Las Vegas community.

What can you do as a volunteer?

  • Work with dogs, cats, or small animals and support the animal care team with grooming, kennel cleaning, room cleaning, and litter box changing.
  • Work with dogs with enrichment activities including giving them puzzle toys, reading to them, play yard activity and more. 
  • Walking the dogs (multiple orientations required)
  • Become a foster caregiver and join our Happiness Heroes program. 
  • Represent Nevada SPCA at outreach events for adoptions and fundraising.
  • Bag dog and cat food to stock our Pet Pantry.
  • Organize a donation drive with your family, friends or co-workers to collect food or other animal supplies; make it a party at your house or office!
  • Involve your kids; host fundraisers such as a bake sale with their classrooms or sports teams, organize a lemonade stand, or garage sale. 


How do I volunteer?

  • Attend a Volunteer Orientation to get started!
  • Children must be 8+ years old to start the program
  • Volunteers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult (under 18 volunteer duties vary by age) 
  •  Volunteer Orientations are happening once a month.
  • RSVP to an orientation by clicking on the link below. 
  • For group or corporate volunteering please email us at: [email protected]

Volunteer Orientation Dates

January 12th – 5:30PM – FULL
February 23rd – 5:30 PM – FULL
March 22nd – 5:30 PM – FULL
April 19th – 5:30PM – FULL
May 24th – 5:30PM – FULL

June 21st – 5:30PM – FULL

July 19th – 5:30PM (Registration begins 7/1/24 @ 10:00am)
August TBD – 5:30PM (Registration begins 8/1/24 @ 10:00am)

Dog Walking Orientations

  • You must have attended the Volunteer Orientation and completed your paperwork to attend a Dog Walking Orientation. 
  • You must be 21 years or older
  • You must watch the video below “Dog Body Language 101” BEFORE signing up. 
  • There are limited spaces due to the hands on nature of these orientations

Dog Walking Orientation Sign-Up

Complete the Dog Body Language 101 video before signing up for Dog Walking Orientation