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Rainbow Bridge Memorial

"You came into my heart one day, so beautiful and smart, my dear and sweet companion, I loved you from the start. And though I knew the time would come, when we would have to part, you'll never be forgotten, you left pawprints on my heart."
When we love a pet, we give them our hearts, knowing that they will eventually be broken when we lose them.  Now you can give a heart to pay tribute to your pet as part of Nevada SPCA’s Rainbow Bridge Memorial Wall.
With your donation, you can choose your personalized message to be engraved on the heart of your choice, and you can even place the heart yourself on the Rainbow Bridge Wall in our shelter.
We understand the pain of losing the wonderful unconditional love of an animal, and we hope these hearts will help people find peace and that their memories will bring them joy instead of sadness, especially as these donations will help other homeless animals find loving companions.