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Nevada SPCA received a request from another rescue partner about Maisie and needing assistance with her care.
Maisie has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. While diabetes is a fairly common condition in dogs and cats, juvenile diabetes is very rare – reported to occur in only 1.5% of all diabetic dogs. Many dogs with juvenile diabetes frequently have other health issues – but aside from her small size Maisie has no other major health concerns and has had an extensive medical work up here at the shelter. ⁣
Like most diabetic dogs, Maisie will need lifelong treatment for her condition – and will require very frequent vet care, especially during the first year of her life as she grows, and her insulin needs change. During this time Maisie may need as frequent as monthly checkups and diagnostics with a veterinarian. Ideally once Maisie is an adult, she can be maintained as any other diabetic dog with twice daily insulin injections and dietary management. ⁣

Maisie Goes to Foster

Maisie is currently in a loving foster while Nevada SPCA staff is getting her set with the right course of treatment.


Maise Update 4/30/22: Maisie is Ready for a Furever Home!

Maisie has been growing and has done well with all of her bloodwork. Maisie is now spayed and ready to find her forever home!

Due to her medical condition, Maisie would do best in a home with a motivated owner prepared to handle all aspects of her medical care. ⁣
Adoption inquiries, please email: [email protected] ⬅️

Maisie Update 5/23/2022: Maisie Finds A Home!

Maisie finally found a home of her own! Congratulations to Maisie and her new family!

Maisie Goes Home