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Maude is sadly a cruelty case and did come from a home in this condition. Mauda came to Nevada SPCA from another shelter. She has severe dermatitis with crusty lesions, sores on her limbs, corneal ulcerations with conjunctivitis. She has a long road to recovery with several medications, medicated baths and a specialized diet.

Maude is also currently looking for a foster that can help her through this long healing process. If you are interested in foster Maude, please contact the foster department at (702)873-7722 or email them directly at [email protected] for additional information.

Update 6-4-22: Maude Makes a Splash in Foster!

Miss Maude has landed a loving foster home while being treated for her list of ailments. Maude is requiring daily medication, a special diet and medicated baths. The shelter is not a fun place to spend time trying to recover; the TLC that she is receiving from her foster family will mean a faster healing time and bigger step towards finding her forever home. 

Update 7-17-22: Maude Lands a Forever Home!

After Maude’s long recovery in foster, her foster family fell in love and couldn’t imagine having Maude leave their family. After Maude was cleared by the medical team her foster family made her an official part of their family and adopted her. Congratulations Maude!