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10-month-old Boba arrived at our shelter severely dehydrated and underweight, weighing in at only 3.24 lbs. ⁣

Fortunately, our veterinary team was able to place an IV catheter in her to rehydrate her with much needed fluids. Boba has severe diarrhea, and our team is actively working to diagnose and treat her. ⁣
While infectious causes such as parasites and fungal disease have been ruled out, we’re investigating other causes and a blood test has been submitted that may help us localize the issue. ⁣
Boba will require an ultrasound or hypoallergenic diet trial as next steps. 

Click here to contribute to Boba’s care. At times, critical need funds will raise more than this pet needs. When this happens, please rest assured that excess gifts will be used to help other pets in need at Nevada SPCA.

Update 3/30/23

Boba lands herself a loving foster home while she is going through diagnostics for a treatment plan. She will be on a precription veterinary diet, medication and supplements to help her gain weight. 

Update 5/11/23

After a long stay with her foster family and frequent veterinary visits, Boba did not pull through. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge.