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Garfield is a handsome and very friendly boy that was transferred to Nevada SPCA from a municipal shelter. Garfield came in underweight and needing some medical care. Staff started to notice that Garfield was struggling to urinate and appeared to be having some complications. Medical staff at Nevada SPCA started doing some diagonostics on Garfield and found that he has bladder stones and a blockage. Garfield is going to need surgery to clear the blockage and remove the bladder stones. 

Click here to contribute to Garfield’s care. At times, critical need funds will raise more than this pet needs. When this happens, please rest assured that excess gifts will be used to help other pets in need at Nevada SPCA.

Warning: Graphic!

Update: 4/3/23

Garfield was diagnosed with bladder stones while at NSPCA. They were surgically removed and submitted to the University of Minnesota for analysis. The results indicated Calcium oxalate crystals. Garfield will need to remain on a prescription diet to prevent development of stones lifelong.

After Garfield’s stones were removed continued straining to urinate was observed. Radiographs were taken at a partner clinic where several stones were observed in the urethra. Garfield was transferred to another partner clinic where the stones were flushed from the urethra and a perineal urethrostomy was performed. This means that his urethra was reconstructed to allow removal of stones and relieve blockages. Post op radiographs were taken prior to discharge and confirmed no stones were present. Garfield is now urinating without difficulty.

Update: 4/18/23

Garfield is making a full recovery and is now looking for his loving new home! He will need to stay on a prescription diet to prevent any new bladder stones from forming.