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Nevada SPCA's Critical Need Fund was created to help care for shelter pets with urgent medical needs. 


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Nevada SPCA provides all the necessary medical care for every treatable animal no matter the cost, and we are entirely funded for that care by donations from our community.  When those medical services become extensive, we are still committed to providing the absolute best care possible for these precious pets, but we need your help.  
Please support our urgent need requests and donate today.
Critical Need


Nevada SPCA received a request from another rescue partner about Maisie and needing assistance with her care. Maisie has been diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. While diabetes is a fairly common condition in dogs and cats, juvenile diabetes is very rare - reported to occur in only 1.5% of all diabetic dogs. Many dogs with juvenile diabetes frequently have other health issues - but aside from her small size Maisie has no other major health concerns and has had an extensive medical work up here at the shelter. ⁣⁣Like most diabetic dogs, Maisie will need lifelong treatment for her condition - and...
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